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Puyo Puyo Tetris - PlayStation 4 Standard Edition by Sega

  • There are tons of different arcade modes 1 to 4 players can use to...
  • The game also has a single player mode with ten unique acts, each...
  • Online play has Puzzle League, which tracks players' ratings,...

First Hour: Tetris Ultimate (PS4)

The Greatest Game Of All Time Joins The Current Gen! Colin Checks Out The First Hour Of Tetris Ultimate On The Playstation 4!

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  • Sign-up for the PS4 system update 3.50 beta

    02/17/16 ,via Gematsu

    Sony Computer Entertainment is seeking beta testers for its next PlayStation 4 system software update, version 3.50, which it is “getting close to the release of.” Starting today, you can sign up to be a tester and get a sneak peek at some of the

  • The X Button First Impressions: Fire Emblem Fates

    02/18/16 ,via Anime News Network

    Granted, amending Chun-Li's presentation doesn't change the absurd T&A in Street Fighter V. CAPCOM actually tried to cut down a little by editing out lewd camera angles for Rainbow Mika and Cammy, but it's still a game full of revealing costumes and

  • On The Division Beta Code Waitlist? Ubisoft Says You're Unlikely to Get One

    01/29/16 ,via PlayStation LifeStyle

    Due to the unprecedented demand for access to The Division Closed Beta, we can no longer guarantee access. If you have already pre-ordered The Division and have yet to receive your key, we're working closely with our partners to ensure that you receive 

  • PS4 Games Named Most Accessible for People with Disabilities

    01/22/16 ,via Push Square

    While the PlayStation 4 does now allow users to reassign buttons at an operating system level – thus making titles more accessible to everyone – the Able Gamers charity is still eager to recognise those releases that are designed with as many people as

  • The X Button Hard-Boiled Detective Pikachu

    02/04/16 ,via Anime News Network

    Import Barrier: Despite the region-free nature of the PlayStation 4, Yakuza Kiwami is best enjoyed with a good grasp of Japanese. Domestic Release: Sega 's not saying yet, but they sprung Yakuza 5 as a surprise release and plan to bring Yakuza 0 over here.


  • The Tetris Effect

    Hachette UK. 2016. ISBN: 9781610396127,161039612X. 272 pages.

    The definitive story of a game so great, even the Cold War couldn't stop it Tetris is perhaps the most instantly recognizable, popular video game ever made. But how did an obscure Soviet programmer, working on frail, antiquated computers, create a product which has now earned nearly 1 billion in sales? How did a makeshift game turn into a worldwide sensation, which has been displayed at the Museum of Modern Art, inspired a big-budget sci-fi movie, and been played in outer space? A quiet but...

  • A Parent's Guide to PlayStation Games

    Mars Publishing (CA). 2017. ISBN: 0967512751,9780967512754. 184 pages.

    A complete guide to choosing a system, "A Parents' Guide to PlayStation" analyzes the platform, genres and details of the video game industry's rating system. Parents learn how to identify the genres of which they should be wary, how to choose games of every member of the family, and how to identify the educational merits or entertainment value of the games.

  • Understanding Minecraft

    McFarland. 2014. ISBN: 9781476618159,1476618151. 232 pages.

    Since its official release in 2011, Minecraft has sold nearly 50 million copies across all gaming platforms. The premise of Minecraft is simple: destroy, collect, build and interact in a world made entirely of colored cubes. Unlike Lego blocks or other construction toys, Minecraft's digital play space allows for virtually limitless creation without the cost and limitations of physical building materials. Creator Mojang's generous policies toward modification and other uses of their...

  • The Magazine: The Complete Archives

    Aperiodical LLC. 2015. ISBN: 9780991439935,0991439937. 1814 pages.

    This ebook collects the nearly 300 stories that first appeared in The Magazine, an independent biweekly periodical for narrative non-fiction. It covers researchers "crying wolf," learning to emulate animal sounds; DIY medical gear, making prosthetics and other tools available more cheaply and to the developing world; a fever in Japan that leads to a new friendship; saving seeds to save the past; the plan to build a giant Lava Lamp in eastern Oregon; Portland's unicycle-riding, Darth Vader...

  • Exploring Screen Culture via Apple's Mobile Devices

    Lexington Books. 2016. ISBN: 9781498539616,1498539610. 132 pages.

    Exploring Screen Culture via Apple's Mobile Devices: Life through the Looking Glass explores the role of mobile technologies in everyday life via the extended case study of Apple’s mobile operating system (iOS) for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod. Via a detailed application (including numerous extended examples) of the experiences associated with Apple’s iOS devices, Charles Soukup examines contemporary screen culture and how individuals navigate it via mobile technologies. Mobile devices provide...