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KontrolFreek Next-Gen Compatibility (Xbox One & PS4 Controllers)

KontrolFreek Next-Gen Compatibility for Xbox One & PS4 Controllers Buy your Next-gen Kontrol Freeks here: ...


  • Get Rich Vlogging - Zoella Did It. Alfie Did It. Now You Can Do It

    John Blake Publishing Ltd. 2016. ISBN: 9781786062413,1786062410. 300 pages.

    Would you like to earn millions by talking about your favourite subject? A new generation of vloggers have become millionaires by sharing make-up tutorials, comedy sketches and gaming videos. These people didn't start off with fancy equipment, expert technical knowledge or huge audiences. They are self-made. This book examines how they achieved success and provides a step by step guide to the process of finding fame and fortune online. Featuring advice from vloggers including Jim Chapman,...