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PlayStation 4 Pro 1TB Console by Sony

  • Extraordinary entertainment - With up to 4K streaming and 4K...
  • Spectacular graphics - Explore vivid game worlds with rich visuals...
  • Mount not included.



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PlayStation Gold Wireless Stereo Headset - Jet Black by Sony

  • Stylish Comfort: Slip into comfort you can enjoy for hours and a...
  • A Headset for Gamers: Experience everything from the big booms to...
  • Adaptable Audio: Connect wirelessly to your PS4, PS3, and home...



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Uncharted: The Lost Legacy - PlayStation 4 by Sony

  • Venture deep into India's Western Ghats as Chloe and Nadine recover...
  • UNCHARTED: The Lost Legacy will come with access to UNCHARTED 4: A...
  • Critically-acclaimed developer Naughty Dog's standalone Uncharted...



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PlayStation 4 Slim 1TB Console by Sony

  • All the greatest, games, TV, music and more. Connect with your...
  • Includes a new slim 1TB PlayStation®4 system, a matching DualShock...
  • Play online with your friends, get free games, save games online...


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The Last of Us Remastered - PlayStation 4 by Sony

  • Explore a brutal post-pandemic world, fully realized with the power...
  • Includes all DLC packs: over $30 in value
  • Winner of over 200 Game of the Year awards

Sony PlayStation 4 (PS4) setup & configuration

Subscribe! New to the PlayStation 4? Here's what you can expect the first time you turn it on, from updating the firmware to logging into your ...

Latest News

  • Play PS4 Online Multiplayer Free This Weekend

    02/18/16 ,via PC Magazine

    Got big plans to stay in and play video games all weekend? So does Sony. Starting Friday, PlayStation 4 users can access the online multiplayer mode of any PS4 title without a PlayStation Plus subscription. That includes Call of Duty: Black Ops III and

  • PSN Down: New online gaming issues reported on PS4's PlayStation Network

    02/02/16 ,via

    UPDATE TWO: There are multiple reports from PS4 users that their PlayStation Network connection has been restored in the UK and North America. Issues have hit PSN subscribers since around 4:30pm, UK time. Sony have now confirmed the problems and 

  • PlayStation 4 'Smites' Xbox One's exclusive deal for the third-person MOBA

    02/19/16 ,via VentureBeat

    Smite, a multiplayer online battle arena strategy game, is coming to PlayStation 4, Sony announced today. Smite was previously available on Xbox One and PC. While not as popular as top MOBAs League of Legends (which leads the genres — it earned $1.6 

  • Free Multiplayer PS Plus Games Begins! Focuses On 'Street Fighter V', 'Call of Duty: Black Ops III'

    02/20/16 ,via Youth Health Magzine

    Apparently, Sony isn't done yet unleashing phenomenal incentives with its recent announcement that beginning Friday, Jan. 19 until Jan. 21, game players will be able to access the online multiplayer modes in any PlayStation 4 game without any PS plus 

  • From PS2 to PS3 and onto PS4.

    02/19/16 ,via Digital Spy

    All the PlayStation Now titles are stored in the online cloud, meaning all that boring stuff happens in the background. All you need to do is download the PlayStation Now app from the PlayStation Network Store and make sure you're packing a 5Mbps


  • Playstation 4: What we know Thus Far

    Wayne Dixon.

    Read some in-depth information about the Playstation 4 . This text goes from the platform shift, to the Dualshock 4, Playstation 4 Eye. This books also covers the games that have been shown off and some future possibilities for the Playstation 4 platform. Version 1.3 includes additional social features, PlayStation Plus pricing, availability date, memory dispersion, additional sharing options, and PlayStation Vita TV. Version 1.4 includes additional information surrounding the DualShock 4,...

  • Virtual Character Design for Games and Interactive Media

    CRC Press. 2015. ISBN: 9781498760263,1498760260. 256 pages.

    While the earliest character representations in video games were rudimentary in terms of their presentation and performance, the virtual characters that appear in games today can be extremely complex and lifelike. These are characters that have the potential to make a powerful and emotional connection with gamers. As virtual characters become more intricate and varied, there is a growing need to examine the theory and practice of virtual character design. This book seeks to develop a series...

  • Sony Playstation Vr: Learning the Basics

    First Rank Publishing. 2016. 40 pages.

    Sony Interactive Entertainment LLC has released the latest in Virtual Reality gear. This newest phenomenon, Sony PlayStation VR, brings the art of gaming to life. The new VR which is scheduled to be released in October of 2016 was created to enhance the gaming experience for owners of PlayStation 4. The reviews to date have lauded the company and the device itself for its appeal to the more modern era with its attention to detail and innovation.

  • Gamification: Concepts, Methodologies, Tools, and Applications

    IGI Global. 2015. ISBN: 9781466682016,1466682019. 2211 pages.

    Serious games provide a unique opportunity to engage students more fully than traditional teaching approaches. Understanding the best way to utilize games and play in an educational setting is imperative for effectual learning in the twenty-first century. Gamification: Concepts, Methodologies, Tools, and Applications investigates the use of games in education, both inside and outside of the classroom, and how this field once thought to be detrimental to student learning can be used to augment...

  • A Beginners Guide to Using PlayStation 4 (PS4)

    GadChick Books. 2014. ISBN: 9781629174068,1629174068. 100 pages.

    Congratulations on your purchase of what Sony Computer Entertainment touts as “the world’s most powerful gaming console,” the PlayStation 4! In its first year alone, the PlayStation 4 has already sold nearly 15 million units internationally and has been heralded by critics and consumers alike for its powerful hardware and new features. In 2014 it won gaming mega-website IGN’s People’s Choice Award for best console (in competition with the xBox One and Wii U). Accordingly, the PlayStation 4...

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Blinking with fiery rage.
On Saturday, October 13, approximately one year and one month after I received it as a gift, the moment I had been waiting for arrived: My 360 abruptly jostled me from a gaming bender with ferocious crimson blinking;...
Photo by hfabulous on Flickr
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Sony Playstation 2 SCPH-5001 V9
Português O PlayStation 2 (oficialmente abreviado como PS2) foi o segundo console produzido pela empresa Sony, após o PlayStation original. Foi lançado no dia 4 de março de 2000 no Japão, no dia 26 de outubro na...
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B-b-but it's.... It's... Riiiiiidge Racerrrr!!
"Alright, everyone! One minute to go, are you ready? The engines look like they're ready to go! Are you all set?" (Well, it worked for Kaz Hirai, right? [No, Michael, it didn't. It's still not funny.])...
Photo by raider3_anime on Flickr